Monday, June 25, 2012

Things you should eat in Baltimore

So today for lunch I was craving a specific black bean burger from Little Havana's in Baltimore, and I thought to myself, maybe I should make a list of the places I enjoy eating in Baltimore so that the next time people ask where they should eat while in town I can direct them to this post.

Oh, also, please note that this list does not include anything made with crabs. Sorry, I just don't like them that much. So if you're looking for that kind of a list of Baltimore foods, check basically ANYWHERE ELSE.

So here goes.

Federal Hill area (downtown, close to the Harbor, south of the heart of the city)
Black Bean Burger from Little Havana - kind of like a falafel patty (because it appears to be fried so it has a nice crunch to it) except made with black beans. Slightly spicy. Served with sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo. Delish.

Classic cheesesteak from MaGerks on Cross Street - tastes like a White Castle slider. What more could you want?

Tater tot, brie and bacon appetizer from Regi's on Light Street - do I really need to be more descriptive?

Chips & guacamole appetizer from Miguel's - this is really more in the Locust Point area. The chips are made from flour tortillas instead of corn and deep fried and this makes them AMAZING. Get the guac with the garlic and tomatoes. Molly and Dan Laufer approve, so that means that it's legit amazing. They know their food.

Drunken noodles from Thai Arroy on Light Street - so spicy and delicious. The first few bites before the spice burns your taste buds off are heavenly. I've never had better drunken noodles. Also, I feel that their crappy website further legitimizes how delicious their food is...because they're making good food, not good websites.

There USED TO BE an amazing place called Rub at the intersection of Light and Wells but it went under because about 5 people knew about it, but strangely, this BBQ place served the most amazing chicken enchiladas I've ever had. Now it's some dumb pizza place, which is a Fail.

OK that's all I have time for right now. Stay tuned for future posts indicating where you should eat in Fells Point/Harbor East and the amorphous "north of the city" area.