Thursday, October 18, 2012

Downton Abbey: UPDATED.

I just started watching it 2 nights ago. So naturally I have watched 8 episodes so far and will probably be caught up to the end of season 2 before the end of the week. So take all of the below with a grain of salt, understanding that I have not seen the rest of season 2 yet and I'm sure these opinions will change before the end of season 2. Finished season 2 on tuesday evening. 

my thoughts so far:
1) i hate o'brien. i hate her and her scheming ways. She didn't really redeem herself. Almost...but not fully.
2) i hate mary. she's a jerk to edith and matthew. Still a jerk, but now her storyline makes me happy, so less of a jerk. 
3) edith is annoying, but she's totally got middle child syndrome and can't be expected to not be annoying to mary. Edith is meh. 
4) sybil is alright. she looks like a brunette scarlet johannsen (sp?). I like her storyline and want her, her bub, and the chauffeur to come back to Downton. 
5) matthew is awesome (hence why mary is a jerk) even more awesome now. 
6) Mr Bates, stop being so damn noble. It's annoying after a while. SAD. Not as sad as it almost was, but still sad. Do you think he did it? Or was that her last revenge? I honestly kind of think  he did it. But if he did, that was a really stupid move. 
7) Whatserface who loves Mr Bates, you're great and he's dumb. Anna - you're still great. 
8)'re annoying too. Awwww. Daisy. William. I like Daisy now. 
9) William you deserve better than Daisy. :( :( 
10) Thomas you're a jerk too. Still a jerk. Worse jerk. 
11) Golden lab, you're awesome. Isis. Love you. Way to get yourself saved. 

OK I think those are all my opinions so far. Does anyone want to talk to me about it? Obviously my opinions are very profound and thoughtful.

PS I was just talking to Paul about my opinions on the show and I said "Mary's a jerk face" and he goes "Old young or ugly?" and I go "What the what?" and he goes "Which sister?"

And that's why I'm friends with Paul.

Thanks to everyone who told me to watch it.