Monday, October 31, 2011

Stuff and Things.

stuff: Chicken enchiladas - I made this recipe for dinner last night. And again, I didn't take pictures when it came out of the oven. Let's just pretend it looked like the picture. It actually didn't look that different (yay!) and it tasted great. 1 more in the Win column for me! I wanted to make a recipe that had more cheese & sour cream, but Jeremy was being reasonable (boring) and suggested that this "lighter" recipe might be a healthier idea (little does he know I doubled the cheese in the recipe).

I also doubled the chipotles in the recipe which made them quite spicy, but it was a good thing! That just meant that I had to put some sour cream on top of mine to cool them off a little bit, and really, when is sour cream a bad idea? Never.

So yes, this dish was quite easy + tasty, I recommend it! I also think that the amount of effort I put into this (I'd say a 3 on a scale of 1-10) was outweighed by the amount of tastiness I got out of it (I think a 7.5). And that's always a good thing.

and things: I read this blog (recommended to me by Molly Laufer originally) and if you don't read it, you should. Cely is the author and she is pretty and athletic and funny and smart. And she posted recently that she broke up with her long term boyfriend and that made me sad (like, strangely sad considering that I have never met her and we are not friends). So I commented on the post and said "this makes me really sad. if i were into girls i'd totally date you." then I went about my creepy way on my creepy day. And lo and behold - Cely responded to me! She wrote me an email and said "Thank you? haha" I was chatting with Lizzy and I said "I feel creepy now. Well...creepier." I'm happy Cely responded to me but I'm still sad about the circumstances. And I think the "I feel creepy...well, creepier" sentence pretty much defines my life.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adventures in dinnerland

Last night, I made this recipe, found on Pinterest. I guess I could have taken a picture of them when they came out of the oven, but when I pull things out of the oven I pretty much just want to eat them ASAP.

This is what they look like on Pinterest:
Mini-pot pie goodness.
They're mini Chicken Pot Pies that you make in a muffin pan.

I bought these refrigerated biscuits to use in the recipe:

My apologies for the terrible picture quality...anyway, they're Pillsbury Simply... (seriously, that's the sub-brand) Buttermilk Biscuits. If you try this recipe, I recommend trying a flakier biscuit. I just bought it because it was the only can that said 10 biscuits (most said 8, annoying) and didn't say "artificial butter flavoring" on the front. Maybe I should have checked Whole Foods, but I didn't really think that far in advance. It turned out to be quite dense, and I like a flakier crust on my pot pies. 

The recipe called for Cream of Chicken soup...I'm not a huge fan of condensed soups, personally. To me, they just scream "PRESERVATIVES!" Granted, the Chips Ahoy & Reese's Peanut Butter cups I eat are probably screaming the same thing, but that noise is drowned out by the sound of me chewing. Anyway. Not a huge fan. 

So I followed the recipe but Jeremy cooked two chicken breasts i/o just one because we didn't think that 1 cup of chicken between the two of us was going to be enough. This meant that we had too much filling when it came time to put the mixture inside the I ended up just sort of piling it higher in the cups that were already full, which lead to an in-oven-meltdown during cooking. Whatevs. Messy still tastes good. Oh, and I also added some dried rosemary to the filling because rosemary makes everything better. 

Jeremy loved this meal - he ate 5 of the little cups. I only ate 2 because I had pounded some chipotle hummus & multi-grain pita chips before I started cooking (while watching Season 4 of Keeping up with the Kardashians, did you know it's on Netflix Instant now? Enjoy). I dunno. I liked it, but I don't know that I'll ever crave these. I said to Jeremy that I thought the taste directly reflected the amount of effort I'd put into making it - which was minimal. If you're looking for pot pies, I'd say just get the frozen Marie Callander version and chow down. 

New topic: 
Do any of you wear night creams? I use an under-eye moisturizer at night and when I use it, I wake up looking like I've slept for 20 hours (that's a good thing, I look refreshed). I want to apply that same logic to the rest of my face but I don't want to use something that will make me break out (I have naturally oily skin). Any recommendations?

Also, I'm watching Mugsy on the doggy day care webcam right now. First he was humping the same dog for approximately 25 minutes, then he resigned himself to simply leaning against the wall where the other dog was laying down and barking in his face incessantly. 


Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple + Amex = love

On 10/14 I got an iPhone 4S, and I was happy. On 10/15 I ran an entire 26.2 miles carrying said iPhone without a case on it and did not drop said iPhone. 

On 10/19, everything changed. 

The morning of 10/19 was horrendous for many many reasons, but I'm not going to get into it beyond the details that relate to the story I'm trying to tell you. I took both of the dogs to daycare that morning, and getting those two in and out of the car together is like trying to herd a BMW. A BMW that you spent an hour cleaning recently. And cats with little impatient beagle paws who like to prance prance prance in muddy puddles and then jump in the drivers seat, then do a tap dance on the console, and then settle into the passenger seat, before being thrown bodily into the backseat where the doggy seat cover is.

See Suspect #1 on the right. Look at that face. He's plotting.

But I digress. 

Anyway, herding cats. We get to daycare and they're so excited that they jump out of the car really quickly, but as Ronin jumps out of the car he rips Mugsy's collar off his neck (they're connected to one another by a leash adaptor) and Mugsy frolics across the street, unhindered by a leash. I yell at Mugsy to come back and he sulkily comes back with his ears down and his tail between his legs. As I bend over to put Mugsy's collar back around his neck, my purse tilts and my lovely, dear iPhone slides out and, as if in slow motion, tumbles to the asphalt below. 

Where it shatters. Into a million little pieces. 

Seriously who makes the back of a phone out of glass anyway?

So I get the dogs situated and then proceed to the office where I complain for hours about my poor lovely phone being smashed...and then Jeremy reminds me that I purchased the phone with my Amex. And Amex cards have purchase protection against accidental damage or theft within 90 days after the purchase of the item. Cue the singing of angels. 

So I call Amex and file a claim...and they refund my money within 24 hours. But then the question is - where am I going to get another iPhone for the same price without signing another 2 year contract? Because I already renewed my contract to get THIS phone. So again, I am the sad. 

I make an appointment at the Apple store to see if they can repair the phone for less than what I paid for it, and then I sit and wait for two days until the appointment. 

We go to the Apple store on Friday with a plan of all the details I have to mention to make them pity me and fix my phone for free/less than a million dollars, but as it turns out...none of it was necessary. We walked in, they took me at my appointed time, and they fixed the phone free of charge within 10  minutes. 

So now, I am the happies again. 

And don't worry, I called Amex and told them to apply the charge back to my account since the phone had been repaired free of charge. takes us outs now, yes?

Friday, October 21, 2011

I makes the foods!

So I found this recipe on Pinterest and I made it for dinner last night (well, I made it in the morning, let it cook all day in the Crock Pot, and then we ate it for dinner last night). This is the chicken that was mentioned in yesterday's post regarding the stabbing incident. But even with the stabbing incident, this dinner was a success! So yay, something even I couldn't mess up (haha)! I definitely recommend this recipe. It was super easy. I think it really comes down to the BBQ sauce that you choose. I just chose some bottled Annie's BBQ sauce from Whole Foods. I think I'd choose something different next time - maybe buy some from Red, Hot & Blue the next time I eat there - anyway, I'm rambling.

When we got home from work the chicken was definitely cooked through, so I set it down to "Warm" instead of "Low" until we were ready to eat, and I took two forks and shredded the chicken (it came apart very easily).

To go with the bbq chicken, I whipped up some drop biscuits with Bisquick mix (very easy...Bisquick mix, milk, and then I added cheddar cheese and crushed red pepper flakes, and finally sprinkled the biscuits with parmesan cheese before they went into the oven). Definitely grease the baking sheet though (the instructions lie) because otherwise they WILL stick to the pan.

Finally, I roasted some brussels sprouts and baby carrots in a 400* oven for about 30 minutes after tossing them with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. I put them in a casserole dish because it was close at hand, but if you try it I recommend letting them spread out a bit more so they get crispy (also ideally would have let them roast longer but J was hungry).

So I didn't mess up dinner last night! Yay!

Thanks to Lizzy and Molly for your recipe suggestions, keep 'em coming people! Any good cookbooks I should invest in....?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Help! (I need somebody)...

Listen up peeps.

I need some ideas regarding what to make for dinner. I always thought I was a good cook. I may need to revise that to a good baker who can cook 2 or 3 things relatively well. Because these are the things that have happened since I moved in with J and became the Chef for 2 people...

  • roasted a chicken upside down (WHAT? It's hard to TELL. It's not like it comes with arrows). 
  • made a chicken curry dish...and forgot the curry powder. 
  • drowned some cornbread stuffing in milk, making it more of a cornbread stuffing pudding. 
  • pulled a pork tenderloin out of the oven while it was still raw in the middle. 
  • burned the SHIT out of some brown rice. 
  • (this morning) went to put the frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot, then realized that the layer of material between the chicken and the styrofoam was frozen to the chicken breasts, spent approximately 15 minutes stabbing chicken breasts to get material off, at one point yelling out "AHHAJFJAJGHHHHH!" in frustration, prompting J to jump out of the shower and yell downstairs to make sure I was ok. 
So I'm batting about 0.100 right now in terms of successful dishes. And believe me, J could cook, but he gets home later than I do usually, plus I love to cook and my reputation is on the line, damnit! 

So please. Enlighten me as to what you make yourself for dinner that I will not mess up. 

Seriously. Please. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update: My friends are still the best

Yesterday when I got home from work I checked the mail and there was a very sweet card from my friend Molly Laufer (again, wish I could link to your blog but you don't update it...why haven't you started a new blog yet?! I forgot to grill you about that on Sunday...). Included in that card was a gift certificate to get my race bib made into coasters which I think is the COOLEST idea. I had been planning on doing it but Molly went ahead and gifted them to me which was so sweet and thoughtful! So thanks again for being amazing friends :) I don't know what I'd do without you, but I certainly wouldn't be running marathons.

Probably crying into vats of gooey brownie and kicking babies, which (let's be honest) sounds like something I might do on a random Tuesday...hmmm.

Monday, October 17, 2011


So I guess you're here to hear about the marathon?

Warning - this will likely be the longest post I ever write. So prepare yourself...but I promise that it will not take you as long to read it as it took me to run the marathon.

Full disclosure: My chip time was 5:33:58. I wanted to run it in 5 hours, but I knew pretty quickly that that time was out the window. So then I decided that I'd just focus on having a good time. I wasn't going to win the marathon, so why not just enjoy myself? I walked through water stops, I stopped to take pictures whenever I felt like it, I updated my facebook status, I responded to people's was great. For a while.

And then it got hard. (twss, sorry, had to).

It happened between mile 14 and 15. I was cruising along, having a great time when I passed the mile 14 marker. And then I hit 15 and I was like "eff. this. it. was. a. terrible. idea." But I told myself to just make it to 16 because I knew my friends Joel and Caroline were there, as well as Jeremy. So I made it to 16, and when I saw Jeremy I started crying (fantastic!) and from there on out it was just a killer.

I couldn't figure it out. When I ran 20 miles, I was fine. Did it suck? Yes. Was it hard? Hell yes. But was it anywhere near this hard? No. And does 6.2 miles of difference explain it? No. So I can't figure it out. What happened? I'm still not sure.

Here's a chart of each mile along with my split for that mile and the facebook update I posted - you can tell pretty easily when things completely fell apart and I started walking more than running:

You can definitely tell that I was fighting it - like, where did mile 18 come from? - but the marathon was winning. 

I think what bugs me most is that I don't know what happened. When I was training, I ran 20 miles in 3:53. I thought that the extra 6.2 would add on an hour and 15 minutes - at most - and it added on an hour and 40 minutes. I thought the adrenaline brought on by race day would help me through those last few miles...and it didn't. Honestly, if anything, I think that the adrenaline converted itself to soreness and settled in my muscles around mile 20 and refused to let go. It just felt like my body was closing in on itself. Like my muscles were so tight that I couldn't force them to move. I was like the tin man and I needed some oil! 

I ate what I normally eat. I stayed fueled. I hydrated so much that I was literally afraid I was going to pee my pants in the last 5 miles (I didn't, don't worry). I tried to stay around my target split and not go out too hard. But it still all came undone. 

One of the sadder parts was that I was so far towards the back of the pack that most spectators had left the course by the time I reached each part of it. By the time I reached 0.1 miles to the finish, a spot that last year was PACKED with people, there was literally no one left. Not exactly the finish you imagine in your head. I can't blame the spectators - it's hard to hang out when fewer and fewer runners are going by...but it was kind of sad. And the cops started letting cars/people cross in front of runners when there was space. Also kind of discouraging. 

ANYWAY. This is a super depressing post so far, and I get that, but it's time to turn it around and focus on the good parts. 

I ran a marathon. Well, I ran/walked/hobbled/limped/cried a marathon. It still hasn't really hit me. I'm saying the words, but it's like I don't understand what they mean. I survived a marathon. Maybe that's more apt. I really, really, really enjoyed the miles before I fell apart. They were great. Great weather, I was feeling good, etc. 

But most of all - 

I had amazing support from my family and friends. Amazing. Second to none. I was talking to Lizzy today and sort of had an "a-ha" moment because -- anyone can run a marathon. Seriously. You can do it. You can. If you train hard enough, long enough (or in my case, even if you don't), you can do it. Shhhh, stop saying you can't. You can. But not everyone has the friends and family that I have. You guys were amazing. I can't say it enough. 

I received texts from the following people during the race:
Katie Gerwin
Austin Kristoff
Christa Connelly
Karen Patterson
Jared Kaufman
Patrick Horvat
Paul Soper
Emily Facet
Cookie Johnson
Dave McCall
Josh Mallett
Kevin (my brother)
Kelly Cooper
Kevin Osborn
Heather (Hezzbot) Kryder
Molly Laufer
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Steel
Chase Maggiano
Jeremy (the boyfriend)
Meghan (my sister)

20 people. 20. 20 people took time out of their days to think about me and send me messages that I needed during the race. And I'm not talking about one text here or there. These people sent me multiple messages. Funny quotes. Funny pictures. Whatever they thought would keep me going. 

And these people commented on Facebook or Twitter:
Mary Schnack
Heather McKay Byrne
Chase Maggiano
Andrea Cilona
Molly Laufer
Aubree Jones
Dan Peters
Robert Duncan
Austin Kristoff
TC Power (my aunt)
Ashley Bowman
Gayle Schmith
Joel Bennink (who waited for me to pass by mile 16)
Brad Christmann
Anastasia Thermos Nietzel (my cousin)
Jeff Haid
Therese Power Barrett (my cousin)
Luis Archila
John Pfabe
Molly Buchanan Vaughn 
Rob Narvaez
Carman Fung
Katie Gerwin
Mike Brown
Sara Morgan
Michelle Kosterich
Julia Bottiny
Meg Foster
Jillian Hamilton
Erin McCaffery
Amber Lippold
Carron Griffin DeGrass
Kevin (my brother)
Jennene Lausier
Michael Perkey
Annie Coghill
Josh Mallett
Tera Duff
Brittany Saxe
Jean Stanislaw
Dan Laufer
Mario Ramirez
Kendra Sands 
Chicago (not the's a person haha)
Jenn Botts Riley
Kelly Cooper
Heather Kryder
Gabi Gali 
Jen Carcich

49 people. I know, I know, Facebook is Facebook, it's not hard to click "Like" or leave a comment, but the effort expended compared to the impact it had on me was monumental. These people could just as easily have just breezed on by the (million) status updates I made and not said anything. But they took a few seconds and commented and it meant the world to me. 

My dad, brother, and sister came up to cheer me on, and brought a ridiculous balloon so I couldn't miss them:

They saw me between 13-14 and then again at the finish, where they took two of the most unflattering pictures ever:

Like, seriously if my mom tries to make that second picture our Christmas card this year, someone's getting cut (my mom. my mom will get cut). 

But what you REALLY need to see are the official race photos. There are at least two photos of me walking and texting. During a marathon. Which I think is hilarious. I have had some really shitty race photos of myself taken before and so this time I made an effort to smile & wave or throw thumbs up at the camera as I passed which actually was kind of nice & distracting...but it's funny how different I look from how I was feeling at the time each of these photos were taken. 

Back to how awesome my friends are:
Annie sent me an awesome rolling massager stick thing (hard to explain) that you use to rub down/roll out your muscles after runs and that thing is my new best friend. It is amazing and I love it. Lizzy sent me a bouquet of flowers that is shaped to look like a puppy (made out of white carnations, natch) that were just awesome. And yesterday I got to spend time with Molly Laufer because she was in town for a wedding, which was such an awesome treat. My prescription for marathon recovery: eating goat cheese dip & drinking Diet Cokes with Molly Laufer. Works every time. 

Now, on to some of the awesome texts I received during the race:
I think this exchange between myself and Annie really exemplifies how the race went for me:
8:45 am: 
annie: hi b! you're a rockstar!
me: thanks banoo!

9:45 am:
annie: nog! nog!
me: hahahaha!

11:19 am:
annie: go shawty, it's your birthday
me: :) 

11:49 am:
annie: cheers, cheers, to old chi o chi! you bring the whiskey, i'll bring the rye! 
me: i'll bring the murder weapons

12:36 pm:
annie: you are doing sooo great! for the rest of your life you can say you finished a marathon! :)
me: i'm losing it
annie: you are sooooo close! just one foot in front of the other. 
me: yeah.

1:12 pm: 
annie: (funny picture of us from before our 2nd half marathon together) YAY! almost there!
me: zero response because i was approximately dead at this point. 

Other awesome exchanges:
from Josh: I hear Mugsy is waiting at the finish line with Sticks
me: I hear you are MADE OF LIES. 

Jeremy: So close!
Me: AGHHHHBHHHH. (seriously. i included a period)

Lizzy: (with a picture from Reunions where Molly Laufer is CLEARLY SHOVING ME, CAUSING ME TO KNOCK DOWN A PHOTO BACKDROP) Watch out for Molly, she might try to push you over while you're running
Me: RIGHT?!? Jeez. 

Lizzy: Run as fast as you can, ole! (with a funny picture of the two of us)
Me: Dying. 

Meghan (my sister): Running through the ghetto now? How far are you?
Me: 21.6. Dying.
Meghan: You can do this! One step in front of the other!
Me: Am dead now. 

Molly Laufer: YOU DID IT!
Me: I have two miles left to go Smolls

And there were many many more - those were just the funniest. 

So anyway. I ran a marathon. And it was hard. Harder than I expected it to be. But if nothing else, it taught me these important lessons:
1) Don't eff around with your training. Do your training, or the marathon will wreck you. 
2) I have amazing friends and family. You guys are the best. I can't express enough how amazing you are. It was hell - but it would have been way, way, way, way worse without all of you supporting me along the way. So all those great messages you've been sending me about how amazing & great it is that I ran a marathon? I'm sending them back to you about what great friends you are. 

Monday, October 10, 2011


I'd been seeing the nude lips/smokey eyes combo in magazines a lot lately and I really wanted to try it for myself. I was at the Laura Mercier counter on Saturday buying a new tube of my favorite tinted moisturizer, so I asked if they had any matte nude lipsticks I could try. 

I ended up buying Barely Nude from their satin lip color, and I love it! It's so much easier applying nude lipsticks than the hot pink/dark red/bright reds I am used to - you don't have to line your lips and it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. It really makes your eyes pop. I recommend trying it! 

Also - the satin lip color from Laura Mercier is making my lips feel better than even Chapstick does! Love! 

Yeah, so, I'm running a marathon on Saturday. Which means I'm trying not to drink caffeine this week. And I'm trying not to eat (the rest of) the Halloween candy that Jeremy and I are saving for the trick or treaters (that we may or may not get). 

ALSO in other news, Mugsy is going to be a banana for Halloween and Ronin is going to be a skeleton. You can expect many many hilarious pictures to come. 

I just have to run a marathon first. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

bridget e barry's photostream


Pictures from this past weekend in Cali for Aaron & Amanda's wedding.

Going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali...

Jeremy and I went back out to California this past weekend for the wedding of his friends Aaron and Amanda. We flew out (very) early on Friday morning and back early Sunday afternoon. It was a great trip and totally worth the flights back and forth over the quick period of time.

It was really great to meet all of Jeremy's friends from college - most of the girls at the wedding were Chi Os (as was the bride). We were going to sing Shades but then...didn't. I'm not entirely sure what happened, I think since we didn't have a set time to do it it just sort of got pushed to the side and never happened. Jeremy and his fraternity brothers were supposed to sing the EX sweetheart song to Amanda as well, but that didn't happen either. I'm not entirely sure any of them remembered all the words. Incidentally I think I was the only XO there who knew all the words to Shades, which made me happy because then they had no choice but to include me ;-)

Friday night we attended the rehearsal dinner which was by a bonfire and was a great time. Super casual and celebratory. They had a "taco lady" who brought her cart to the bonfire and it was SO DELICIOUS. I wanted seconds but then I became intoxicated and forgot all about the tacos because they also had s'mores. Then after 2 s'mores I pulled a classic Drunk Bridget move and wandered off into the woods by myself, prompting Jeremy to send me to bed. After Jeremy left to go back out to say goodnight to his friends, I pulled a Stephanie Tanner and set up my bed in the bathtub. I think I did this because I was feeling ill and wanted to be sick in the bathroom if I was going to be sick, but I can't say that I didn't just want to live out a Full House moment in my drunkenness. Not sure.

Saturday we got to hang out with his friends some more before the wedding, then we went to the ceremony which was legit 5 minutes long (including the procession and recession). The men loved the brevity of the ceremony. After the ceremony was the cocktail hour then the reception and dancing. The food was AMAZING. Seriously some of the best chicken I've ever had in my life. It tasted like sausage. I'm not sure why. But it was great.

Sunday morning we had to get up and get out of town, but we still left time for a quick stop at In-n-Out burger before we departed (naturally).

I'll post pictures next - again, get ready for gratuitous shots of myself and Jeremy, just way too many of them, but what can I say I love pictures (even more when I'm drunk). There will also be lots of pictures of the resort/ranch where the wedding was. It was gorgeous and the wedding was also perfect. There were lavender fields on their property for the guests to explore - they harvest the lavender and sell it in products in their gift shop so everything smells wonderful. Lots of lizards and, randomly, bunnies on the property.

Anyway, remind me why I haven't moved to California yet?

Oh yeah, I'm running a marathon in less than two weeks. Cueeeee panic attack.